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About us


The Centre for Comparative European Survey Data (CCESD) was created in 1995 by Emeritus Professor Richard Topf under the auspices of London Guildhall University, now London Metropolitan University. We specialise in cutting-edge developments at the interface of social science and informatics and our real-time, interactive web-facilities for the simultaneous handling and integration of multiple, data sets, based on .NET programming, remain unique within the professional community.

Mission Statement

  • To develop information systems designed to improve the accessibility of comparative survey data.
  • To carry out methodological research to improve the conceptualisation and operationalisation of inter-national and inter-cultural analyses
  • To provide specialist support for members of the academic community wishing to work with secondary, comparative European survey data sets.
About CCESD web-sites

The Centre for Comparative European Survey Data (CCESD) created and maintains:

British Social Attitudes for British Social Attitudes (BSA) surveys
British Election Studies for British Election Studies (BES)
Comparative European Surveys for all major comparative European surveys as well as BSA and BES surveys
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